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I laugh cause this stuff is important, but not taught in school.

We had home-ec, which is as close as it gets, but that was only for 7th grade and how to place silverware properly was focused on WAAAYYYY more than writing a check or budgeting.

1. Never underestimate the value of silverware placement. You’d be surprised how few people know where the fuck to put a fork on the table. Goddamn animals. I should probably cover this kind of thing later.

2. I’m forced to agree on this point, because in 8th grade, my HISTORY teacher decided he needed to teach us manners. Actual manners like for dinner parties and shit. He took weeks off from our actual class to cover this crap and while I value these skills greatly, I’m pretty sure there are more important things in life than how to properly eat a cherry tomato. Because that’s the #1 thing I remember about that weird-ass class.

You know what Nintendo should do with the Metroid series?

They should have a crossover with the Metroid universe, the Aliens universe, and the Predator universe (yes, I know, the Predators and the Aliens are in the same universe, kinda). Think about it, the Alien xenomorphs have similar evolutions as the Metroids, and both have their ugly ass queens, making babies (it’d be interesting to have a xenomorph/Metroid hybrid). The Predators are like bounty hunters/space pirates, with physical abilities and weaponry rivaling Samus’., so it’d be interesting to see a Predator fighting Samus. The Metroid and Alien universes both have ancient, sentient beings that created advanced technology at the time. Samus could team up with the colonial marines against both threats. The last major Metroid game was, I think about 4 years ago, so it’s about time that Samus get back in the game (figuratively speaking). Also, if Nintendo were to do this, the concept ALONE would rake in big bucks.

When someone like Anita Sarkeesian is hit with DEATH threats (as well as anyone who was going to attend her session), there is something really wrong. And yes, anonymous threats have become real—my organization works with online victims every day and it’s scary how the anonymous cyberstalkers are the most vicious, then get to a point where they don’t care if the victim knows who they really are, then confront them in person or send them threats of physical harm. It has nothing to do with thin skin.
President of Working to Halt Online Abuse, Jayne Hitchcock, “Why the trolls are winning #Gamergate,by Aaron Sankin  (via dailydot)


Maybe it’s not that we’re becoming more sensitive, politically correct, and/or “wimpy” as a culture because we’re challenging and demanding that people, organizations, and companies be more socially and ethically responsible, inclusive, and accountable.

Maybe we’re actually realizing what oblivious, apathetic assholes we’ve been all along and finally want to evolve as a society and species.